Risk Management
The only way to achieve necessary security is to realize a reliable and therewith “closed” compliance chain within your company.  [more]

 EC Regulations
The European Union publishes lists with names to counter terrorism, as well as lists of persons and organizations, to which financial sanctions were imposed. These lists are legally bound for all companies of EU member states  [more]

 US Sanction Lists
Sanction lists published by the different US authorities, can also be relevant for companies located in Europe.   [more]

 Other Intenational Sanction Lists
Besides the existing EC Regulations and US lists, there are further sanctions, amongst others in Canada, Australia, Japan and UK. Furthermore, the United Nations publish, in regular intervals, a new consolidated list to counter terrorism.   [more]

 AEO Certification
To achieve the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status, special safety requirements need to be followed, which are, amongst other things, covered by the sanction list checks.  [more]

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